Romantic, classic and real, Ashley’s images capture the most intimate and fleeting moments of your wedding day with a simple and straightforward authenticity. With two degrees in fine art and documentary photography, along with over ten years teaching experience in photography, Ashley has earned the qualifications necessary in obtaining the trust needed to be placed behind the camera on your wedding day. Her work is fresh, fun, and filled with natural light. She is great at putting brides and grooms at ease in front of her camera.

Ashley began studying photography while attending high school before attending the School of Visual Arts, in New York, NY.  Ashley went on to receive her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from SVA where she studied photojournalism with world-renowned photographers including Marc Asnin. Ashley continued her studies in fine art photography, earning a Masters of Fine Art from Columbia University, also located in New York. While attending Columbia, Ashley studied the history of cinema, which has has a significant influence on her shooting style, specifically regarding her approach visual storytelling.

After graduating, she went on to teach as an adjunct professor at both Columbia University and New York University. She has worked as a freelance photographer for the past 15 years, specializing in portraiture.

Her artwork is held in several art collections including the Saatchi Gallery in London, the Chicago Art Institute, and The Museum of the City of New York. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. In 2015 powerHouse Books released her first monograph, Kill City, on NYC's urban youth culture. With six years of intensive study in all technical and conceptual aspects of photography, and much of that spent studying the practice of documentary photography.


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reviews and comments

- "I couldn’t have been happier that I had Ashley as a photographer at my wedding.  She was super friendly and so easy to talk to. She was professional and communicated clearly throughout the whole process. She is very knowledgeable in wedding photography, and knew how to capture every important moment of the day without being obtrusive. She has a great artistic eye, and took visually stunning photos of even the smallest details of the wedding.
I also did a follow up bridal shoot with her, where my husband and I got dressed up in our wedding garb once more and did a photo shoot on the beach. She made me feel totally comfortable and confident in front of the camera! I loved the ideas she had for different poses. And the pictures she got were amazing. She knew how to use light and angles to get the most flattering pictures. There were so many good ones it was extremely difficult to narrow down my favorites.
 I’ve seen many beautiful wedding photos- in planning my wedding I was bombarded with lovely photos on Pinterest, bridal Instagram accounts, and wedding websites. So I can say without a doubt, Ashley’s photos are top of the line. She really knows how to capture romance, intimacy, emotion and excitement.
 On top of all that, she is very affordable! I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t charge more. Most photographers with her experience and fine-art style charge double her price.  I highly recommend hiring Ashley for any wedding or engagement shoot! She is the whole package."


- "When I first started shopping around for a photographer to shoot our wedding, I was more concerned about the type of person we'd be working with on our big day than anything else. My wife and I are not the most photogenic people in the world, so for us it was more about how this person would interact with us and how well they would fit in around our guests. After a few emails and 45 min skype call, we knew we'd be comfortable working with Ashley. She has a fun personality, is easy to talk to, takes direction well and can steer the ship when needed. Ashley was a perfect fit for us and we were thrilled to book her.
Apart from when we were posing for pictures, I didn't actually notice her during the wedding, which is probably an attribute you want in a wedding photographer. Someone who can document your special day without becoming apart of it. The photos turned out AMAZING. Really, so much better than we could have ever envisioned. Ashley was able to harness our awkwardness and turn it into art. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Ashley, you should jump on it. She's very good at what she does.


- "Ashley was amazing!! Very personable yet professional. Available by email and by phone. Went above and beyond for both our engagement photos and our wedding photos!"


- "We couldn't have asked for a more talented, more professional or more fun photographer for our wedding! She was amazing... she captured everything that we wanted and so much more! Her style is unique and just what we were looking for. I would enthusiastically recommend Arthouse Photographs!!!"


- "Ashley was AMAZING. She was so fun to work with and she captured amazing shots."


- "When I started the process of planning my wedding,there were a few areas that were the most important to me and the photographs were one of them. Being an older bride and in general, not being too photogenic, it was also a part of the wedding day that made me (and my husband) nervous. So when Ashley agreed to meet us for our trial photo shoot just so we could get comfortable with the idea of getting photographed and to learn tips in advanced and to get to know Ashley to see if we would be comfortable with her, we knew she was going to be right for us. Then as we got closer to the big day, i was very specific and particular about what type of shots (romantic, candid, warm and unposed) as well as which specific shots I wanted (incl a few exact replicas of photos that were taken of my mother and father on their wedding day) to have but also in general wanting the photojournalistic style of photos for the day. Ashley offered to meet me at the three locations to scope out the properties in advanced and she even identified a shot location on one of the properties that I didn't even notice but several photos from there are amongst my top 10! My husband and I talked about how having a seemingly laid back photographer was good for me. She had that quiet confidence and was suggestive in the way she would direct us in the shots.
So, in the end, I got over 2000 photos that 100% reflect my "photo plan" and what I was hoping for in terms of both the specific shots but also it is a beautiful photo journal of the day. I am making my own book and it will definitely hit 100 pages because i cant bear the thought of not including all the wonderful memories of the best day of my life! Thank you Ashley!"


- "Ashley was really fun to work with and really easy to get along with too. I didn't have an over the top expectations in regards to our pictures for my engagement and the wedding so my goal was to find a professional like Ashley and help me create the vision that we did have in mind and let her do what she does best - photograph! The pictures came out great and they were delivered to our house before we knew it. The engagement and wedding pictures came back 3 weeks or less. I do not have an eye for photography but all my graphic artist friends thought Ashley used the light exceptionally well and maximized the resources that she did have. We did not budget $$$$$ for a photographer but Ashley gave us the experience like we did pay that much! She captured our wedding day like we were living it again every time we looked at them. She worked for us like she was two photographers helping us capture the moments we didn't even know was happening and our wedding was only 60 people. I would definitely use her again if we were to have a big life moment."

- "I really enjoyed my photographer!!  Ashley was amazing and had tons of cool ideas for poses with our bridal party and tons of tips to help us relax during the session.