charleston wedding

Andrea and David

I was not able to meet Andrea and David before the wedding, as they were traveling out of the country right up until their wedding date. They had met in India on a missions trip and had several of their close friends witness their romance unfold on both sides of the world.

We spoke extensively via email and phone and they generally trusted my abilities based on our conversations and quality of work they had seen on my website.  They were such naturals in front of the camera, and were willing to try whatever ideas I became inspired by the locations and lighting, which was ample in Charleston, South Carolina, their destination of choice.            

David had attended college here, and had also been a member at The First Baptist Church, where the entire wedding day took place. It was the earliest Baptist Church in the south, established in 1692. The church itself has weathered many obstacles that caused damage: shelling during The Civil War, a cyclone in 1885, and an earthquake in 1866. The brave congregation persevered in restoring it over and over, and helped preserve it as a historical site to this day. It has wall size doors, and is made of the most beautiful wood I’ve ever seen in a church. The pews are unique and the colors are soft, with highlights of the dark wood. Large candles light the aisle, and a spiral staircase leads the bride down to the first floor to walk down the aisle.

I used the side structures and their magnificent porches for the bridal party shots. I photographed the men out along side the building with its aged walls and greenery. They each preferred non-traditional formal shots, so they were aptly accommodated.

We used the surrounding neighborhood and Battery Park, along with the interior of the church for the first look and sweetheart shots. The amount of textures, colors, and plant life made these shots absolutely cinematic. David is much taller than Adrea and scooped her up for many of the shots. Andrea’s sweet and expressive face said it all about how absolutely in love she was on their wedding day.