During my initial consult with Lauryn and Scooter, I realized there were certain time and location constraints on their wedding day. I typically offer an engagement session with my wedding photography packages, which can also be used for a couples portrait session, bridal session, or boudoir shoot. One of these might appeal to the couple more than an engagement session, so I feel having a choice here is ideal, which was the case for Lauryn and Scooter.

Lauryn was wearing her hair up on her wedding day but wanted to wear it down for the couple's session, as well as having a more wild and whimsical bouquet, which I made myself. There was limited daylight on the wedding day and we wanted to spend at least an hour close to sunset for these shots. They also wanted to spend the maximum time with their guests, who had travelled very far to get to the wedding, so, again, shooting the "sweetheart shots" on a different day worked out for everyone. We were also able to commute to the forest and the beach, which  were not close to the location of the wedding. This couple's session was created in amazing light where we were free to experiment and take our time. Their personalities and playful nature had room for expression in the relaxed environment I helped create for them.