Santa Ana Wedding

Brittany and Eddy

After a lovely engagement session at the Santa Monica Pier, I had some great dialogue with the couple about how they liked to be photographed and more importantly, directed, which was, in fact, really not that much. Some couples want really specific directions, and some do not. I am able to accommodate both, and want to make sure my couple is comfortable in front of my camera, above all else. 

Brittany and Eddy’s personalities are what I would describe as humble, kind, bright, and lighthearted. The dynamic between them was playful and affectionate. I’ll just say it- they are downright adorable! 

We chose to have the preparation images and first look at The Avenue of the Arts Wyndham Hotel. For the preparation shots, the individual rooms provided great backdrops with soft colored walls, hardwood floors, high-end decorative mirrors, wall art, furniture and tons of window light. Even the textures and colors of the fabrics were great for shooting the detail images of the shoes, jewelry, and rings. 

For most of my brides, this first part of the day is when we capture a lot of the candid beauty shots, so picking a location with a great backdrop is key. Just a tip, it is important to keep everyone’s belongings in the rooms tidy and ready to be moved, so they don’t clutter up the background. Also, don’t forget a nice hanger for your dress. It doesn’t have to be monogrammed, but a simple satin fabric, in a white or cream will make your gown photos even lovelier.

The ceremony was held at Newsong 10ten which had a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. The stage was very large, and I was able to very sneakily circle the couple throughout the ceremony to get some nice close-ups and angles that pointed out towards the congregation. Many locations will not allow this type of movement by the photographers, which is something to honor, but it is always a treat to have freedom of movement for key moments.

We created the group formals at the Center Club, where the reception was held. Watching the groom dance with his mother was a particularly tear-jerking moment, as well as the heart-wrenching speech that the groom gave about his new bride. He was still in shock that she was now his beloved. It was like watching someone win the biggest lottery in history. This young, vibrant, couple has many years of happiness ahead!