walnut grove wedding

Jessi & Vinnie

The Walnut Grove at Tierra Rejada Ranch


This gorgeous wedding was shot at The Walnut Grove at Tierra Rejada Ranch.  The couple was very excited about the location, and if you have every visited it, you would know why. 

While the grounds are sprawling, they are not too spread out for the couple to traverse for photos in front of different backdrops including the canopy of trees, a white fence with haystacks, and cornfields. The bride and I discussed the different setting options at length, and timed all of the family and bridal portraits seamlessly. We chose the first look under the canopied rows of Walnut Trees, which gave a very nature-filled and isolated look, like we left the party to get these shots. In reality, we were only a stone’s throw away from the guests, yet enough for privacy.

The bridal suite was cozy while still allowing space for the traditional parade of bridesmaids and family coming in and out. Jessi went a non-traditional route and had two men for “bridesmen.” It was sunny out, but the trees provided enough shade to keep it cool and allow for some dramatic lighting, which was fun for me to utilize in the shots. The dappled sunlight would often align perfectly, acting as a spotlight on the bride or groom as they exchanged vows and rings.

The couple had sweet and personal details throughout the day. The flower girl had a special task to obtain asecret note from the bride addressed to the groom and deliver it as he was waiting for Jessi to walk down the aisle. The ceremony itself was very personalized, exchanging handwritten vows and including non-traditional rituals.

Family and friends, step by step, created a large puzzle/collage of what emerged as being a portrait of the couple during the ceremony.

As night fell, the streams of soft lighting they provided were very striking. It was enough light to shoot without flash, for a dramatic, moody, effect, or to nicely blend with flash for the cake shots. Jessi and Vinnie were a beautiful and dreamy couple to spend the day photographing, and they picked the perfect scenery that reflected their personal taste and style at the Grove. I wish them many years of happiness!